How do we create a San Diego where we all move freely?

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Date:  Aug - Oct 2017

Skills: UX Design, Design Thinking, Human -Centered Design

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop

Role: UX Designer, Visual Designer

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Design for San Diego (D4SD) is a combined effort to solve complex city problems through design thinking and crowdsourcing, led by the UC San Diego Design Lab—with support from the National Science FoundationDesign Forward Alliance and SCALE SD. The D4SD processes for discovery, ideation, prototyping and for implementing solutions through structured feedback was inspired by human-centered design research and crowdsourcing systems. Through this open civics approach, we hope to create opportunities for government, academia, and industry to collaboratively design innovative civic solutions.

D4SD strives to create a platform that demonstrates the value of human-centered design and produces solutions that could incubate into companies or longer-term projects that foster economic activity in the City of San Diego and beyond.

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I worked on the design for the website's user interface. We would like to create a decent user experience for all participants. We did several iterations on the layout of the pages.

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Visual Design

I also did a lot visual designs here. I designed the t-shirt and the stand poster for the event. Also, I made slide deck for presentation. 

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The event took part at Downtown Works, Broadway Pier, and Liberty Station during the Design Forward Summit in San Diego. It was good to know that every voice and perspective was shared and respected. :)